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Ann and Kirby’s Portrait


Kim and Pop’s Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Welcoming the guests.

Initial briefing for non-Chinese participants at 2 am. Yes, we were wide awake at 2 am =)

The bride’s lovely family.

Procession of the groom’s family to obtain the bride.
“On arriving at the bride’s house, the groom’s party was met by the bride’s friends, who would not ‘surrender ’the bride until they were satisfied by red packets of money, ang pau from the groom’s representative. This was the occasion of much good-natured haggling and truth or dare consequences before the two parties could reach an agreement.”
I so loved the elegant bouquet of fresh white flowers with lively green accents around it.

Kim and Pop's Wedding

Wedding Photography In Brief

wedding-dressWedding photography is as important as acquiring a piece of artwork.  With the expectation that it will increase in value as it grows older. Though a casual Wedding Photographer, it seems that my skill is more challenged when I’m engaged on such thrilling activity.

I get excited to receive random bookings from friends and acquaintances asking me to capture their moments. This leaves me great satisfaction at the end of every celebration. I love capturing raw emotions of the celebrants and guests.

Here are few important pointers that I normally observe during weddings.  I have to note them down so I won’t miss any chances.

  • Create a ‘shot/photo list’ before the event. With the help of the couple we discuss the details and I give them overview of the things that I will be dealing on the big day.
  • Checking the gadgets and getting it ready before the event is really important. SD cards needs to be emptied, battery re-charged, lenses tucked inside the camera bag.
  • It helps to have two cameras. One in portrait lens and another in wide angled 18-200.
  • Take lots of day shots as I am more of a natural light photographer and not a big fan of flash aided photos. As much as possible take 1000 photos per hour.  Too unrealistic but I wish to try.
  • Take shots of small details. This is the part which I like the most. It requires few creative touches to make things just right.
  • Have fun! I make sure that I find joy in what I do so as to minimize the stress and perhaps loosen the smiles of the people around me.

Lyn and Barry’s Wedding

L & B’s journey to seal their “I do’s” was certainly worth celebrating.  Wedding date, 18 September 2010.




Kaye & Norb’s Wedding


22 November 2009. Wedding close to heart. I had a great time documenting K & N’s precious moment. Both are simply beautiful young couple. It was attended by the community which is more like a big family where the bride spent most of her growing up years.

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